Coming Back From The Sidelines

Back From The Sidelines

You may have noticed a prolonged period of inactivity. ‘You’ signifying the 30 or so people who’ve ever visited Coppergut. No matter. A tiny slice of the populace is still entitled to my affection. Salutations for taking a few minutes to take a look at what I’ve written.

Image: Mark Morison - 'Return of the mack'

Image: Mark Morison - 'Return of the mack'

I’m willing myself to become more involved with blogging again. Seeing as the original purpose of Coppergut clashes with the current state of my life in comically awkward fashion, the only viable way for this hack to pick up the proverbial pen and resume hamming it up is by diversifying the topics tackled. Expect football posts from outside of Cyprus, some poor takes on music matters and the odd piece that falls under neither category.

Let’s see how true I stay to my stated intentions.

Kyriacos Nicolaou